My 5 golden rules for buying art!


Some have an impulse to buy handbags or shoes at every turn, but I have an impulse to hunt out and buy art.







I’ve always been drawn to buying art since I was a student. Never one to have posters on my wall at school with the latest bands, apart from the half clad hunk who was gorgeous and hung on my wall for years! I was the one to have the postcards of art that I loved but couldn’t possibly afford. I grew up in an environment where my parents enjoyed buying paintings and visiting open galleries, especially when we were away on holiday. I saw the pleasure it gave and I wanted a bit of that!












A friend once asked me ‘What are your rules to buying art?’ Rules I thought, I don’t have any. Well after 20 minutes discussion I realised I did. I developed them subconsciously over time, and on the whole they have held me in good stead.

So my golden rules to buying art I impart to you and they are as follows:

1. Don’t dither! Art is a visual experience. That for me is the beginning and the end. If you need convincing by your friends and the art dealer that this is a must and you’re not getting it, you won’t get it! So decide immediately.

I’ve also had art ‘stolen’ from under my nose in the past. I’ve left a painting, when I couldn’t decide so I’ve walked around the block come back and somebody who was far more decisive than me grabs the prize and bought the painting. Oh the regrets!

2. Buy what you love! Not what’s on trend because others are. You have to live with it. If it gives you pleasure that’s all that matters, I couldn’t give a hoot if others hate it!

3. Hunt and reframe! Don’t be put off the painting because of the frame. Look past that and it must be said that a painting can also be made or killed by framing, so go to someone who has a great eye.

Three of my paintings in my bedroom I bought for under £20 they looked very sad when I found them. One I found in a plastic bag, one was stuck to the side of a cardboard box and the third was in a very dirty broken frame. What I did know was that they were well painted and drawn and showed such confidence in the artists’ work and flair. I remember an art dealer friend of mine swooped on one of them and asked me where I’d found it. When I told him he looked pale,’some people’ he huffed! I have to say I did spend £450 on having it framed, but to me it’s worth every penny.

4. Hang it where? I’ve never not bought a painting because I didn’t have anywhere to hang it. I’ve always found somewhere and move my art around from time to time. I always remember hearing a conversation between my parents, with my Mother saying ‘but where is it going to hang?’ and my Father pausing, only slightly thrown and saying ‘we love it, we will find a place! ‘Hurrah, that’s the attitude, how liberating, caution to the wind, spontaneity. I love it!

5. Empty your savings! Okay this may sound like madness, I’ve done it once in my life so far over a painting. When the children were small and I’d had a week from hell at work, Saturday morning came and the thought of spending the day with two small children, in a house that needed cleaning and dogs that needed walking, while my beloved husband went off to play hockey was just too much! I left the husband with the children and went off for the day.








I had an account, with what I jokingly called a running away fund and well that day I had run away to Petworth with the idea of a good walk and a lunch out. What I ended up doing was walking into a beautiful antique shop and falling in love with a huge oil painting of a bluebell wood. A visual delight. This painting screamed ‘BUY ME’ so loud that I couldn’t leave without it. It cost me every penny in my slush fund, but I’ve never regretted it and well I just had to start saving all over again.


When I go out to find art for the sales, I buy what I like. That’s always held me in good stead. 20th century British art is a bit of a passion now, discovering new artists and introducing what I find to you.

Jane and I have been asked so many times if we do other events between the main May and October sales and as art has always been so popular and enjoyed, we thought we would do an Art Sale this March from the 18th-20th March 10am till 2pm. 

Instead of invites going out in the post for this event we would ask you to email us ( to request an invite and we will send you a response and put you on the list. We look forward to welcoming you and hope you enjoy what we put together this year.

Artwork featured in this blog will be for sale.