Sleep easy!


All change and a relaxed night!

The old bedroom had always been a bit of a dumping ground with a real jumble of furniture and a colour scheme that was, quite frankly, dated!










I didn’t want to change every aspect of the room. I needed a new scheme that could work together with the existing carpet and bed. My brief was to create a room that felt luxurious and a delight to spend the night in. Shouldn’t be too hard!

The house is Edwardian with large windows and high ceilings that are a real feature of the whole building. I was keen to keep this element, if not exaggerate it, with a lightness and feeling of space. I felt that wallpaper would be exciting to use throughout the whole room.  I’m not talking small insignificant prints here, I was thinking of a bold and dramatic style that is in keeping with the house, not the dreaded feature wall either but every wall. So, classic with a modern twist!

Some of the large floral and foliage prints at the moment are gorgeous. I love the patterns with the long twisting branches as this really can exaggerate the height of the room and give that dramatic effect. I settled upon a Colefax and Fowler print after looking at many. I felt the design ‘Snow Tree’ would give gave me the effect I wanted to achieve beautifully and had a great colour range to choose from.






















A good quality paper is all about how well the design is printed and reproduced. What I particularly love about this one is that it has a hand painted appearance which gives such a visual texture to the finish. This I feel is important as it gives a more relaxed feeling to the room. To work with the paper I chose a paint colour, ‘Strong White’ by Farrow and Ball, that picked out the flower element of the wallpaper. When it came to the window dressing element, I didn’t want a fabric that would compete with the wallpaper. Sarah Hardaker’s fabric, herringbone, in powder is a linen which has a good weight to it and works so well for curtains. The windows are too large to go for a plain fabric which might look good when drawn back, but I felt it would create such a large blank space when drawn at night.



























 Above – small patterns such as this herringbone design just gives enough of a detail without competing with the wallpaper‘

When it comes to fabrics for soft furnishings such as bedheads, chairs, sofas and lampshades, don’t be afraid to combine different patterns. Have fun with designs and textures. Find a common link that brings them all together . In this case it was the colour tones that made it work so well and pulled the finished effect together.

Finally for me a huge part of the fun for a project is always the finishing touches. Again staying with the brief, I wanted to give a luxurious feeling to the room without losing the lightness of the space. So I chose to use reflective surfaces such as mirrored and coloured glass and silver to do this. A 1930’s Venetian Mirror with its engraved surfaces and cut edges provided me with more reflective angles and details than a plain mirror would and has the style of a more decadent age. I also enjoy combining clear and coloured glass to enhance the overall colours and tones of the room. I’m a huge fan of art and no room ever feels complete without for me. This applies to a bedroom just as it does in any other.

When you are choosing art to work against a wallpapered wall then I find it important to select a painting that has colours that will tone and complement the room as opposed to fighting against it. Also don’t be afraid to reframe an old favourite to work in with the colour scheme. Here I’ve reframed all the work so it complements the wallpaper giving a harmonious and relaxed feeling to the finished room.